Resources for Nashville Visitors With Disabilities

Let's start with the basics. Here are some broad-based resources that incorporate a variety of special needs including accessibility and assistive hearing. Information Resources Access Music City. Want to know about access to local attractions and restaurants around town? The staff and volunteers of Empower TN have done some fantastic scouting for you and even... Continue Reading →


Navigating Nashville with a Wheelchair

Let me increase your accessibility to Nashville with a stockpile of resources. And check out my other blogposts for people with disabilities.

Nashville Souvenirs You Can’t Eat or Drink

¬†Want something special to remember your trip to Nashville? Or take a gift home to the kids? If this Piggly Wiggly shirt doesn't ring your bell, you have other very-Nashville souvenir options. Wearables Imogene + Willie jeans. We're talked tailored-to-fit denim at a price of, say, $275. People say they feel great, look great. I'll... Continue Reading →

Buy for Cheap at Nashville Liquidators

Looking for deep discounts¬†on furniture, appliances, linens, clothes, laptops, electronics, baby formula, birdseed, gadgets or toys? Try shopping these stores where you never know what you'll find. Bargain Hunt aka Essex 10 midstate locations. To bring you cheap merchandise, they wait for a truck to wreck, a store to go out of business or items... Continue Reading →

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